The Kingdom of Norway is a constitutional monarchy with over 148,000 square mile area and a small population of only 5 million.
However, it was a popular tourist destination during the season and also a prolific maker of spoons.

norway map

bergen spoons norway
These pretty Bergen spoons are available in a range of colors. I  suspect that they were sold in sets.

norway flag spoons
A number of spoons were made depicting the flag of Norway in pretty enamels

norway norwegian spoons

Pretty enameled spoons

norway spoons

souvenir style enameled spoons

david anderson enameled spoons norway

Two beautifully enameled  spoons by David Anderson.
I have placed one in reverse  and as you can see it is also custom engraved on the back,
but otherwise these two spoons are the same.

nude norway spoon

 This very well designed spoon from Norway features a naked woman holding aloft a baby.
The name of this statue is “Mor og barn”, and it was made by the Norwegian sculptor and artist Arne Durban (1912-1994). 
The statue is placed in Byparken (The City Park) in Sandefjord
The statue was erected on 17 May, 1950 (The National Day of Norway – the date when Norway separated from Sweden)
 The bowl is an embossed picture of  Sandefjord 
better pictures of this spoon and other nude spoon images can be seen by clicking here

A number of other Norway spoons are shown in other exhibits

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