Norwegian Tinn Spoons

The Norwegian countries have also produced a less expensive line of souvenir spoons for the tourist industry in recent times. Most of these spoons are marked "tinn" which is a term for pewter. Some of these spoons are simply silverplated.

Most of these spoons are rather large and have attracted a lot of attention, so I am showing some of them in the museum. These spoons are neither rare nor valuable, but they are still quite interesting. Many of them are still available in the original box.

Silver Plated spoon featuring a full figured Viking in battle armor.

marked "Norway" on stem

Bowl Features an embossed Viking ship

Backed marked EPNS (electro plate on nickel silver) and

TH Marthinsen (manufacturer) Norway

Have several extra if you wish to buy or trade

Very large pewter spoon (8.5" 215mm)

The top figure is an archer identified as "Heilag Olav"

Next figures are soldiers identified as "Oghansmenn"

Third picture is a viking in a boat

The back also shows 4 viking boats and is marked

"Tinn Pewter and HS in a diamond cartouche"

Silver plated spoon engraved "Holmestrand" in the bowl
Detailed map of Norway which also shows a plane, cruise ship, whale, viking boat etc.

marked t.k. 40gr Norway

Pewter spoon (6" 150mm) featuring several images of Norway

viking boat

man with flag


marked on back "H Tinn 3 4 5"

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