Spoons specifically for serving nuts are unusual but not overly rare. Apparently this is one of the specialized applications which has survived to our modern day.

It seems that most nut spoons have squirrels on them. I guess that is to inform us of their intended use.

These two spoons are unique. Both are hand manufactured by master craftsmen.

This is a very unusual, unique and rare piece of silver

It is from the Japonais period of silver manufacture in the USA which occurred in the late 1870's to early 1880's

It uses an unusual technique called "mixed metals"

The basic spoon is sterling but the applied designs are other metals, in this case I suspect that the squirrel and branch are some alloy of gold, but I can't be sure

This spoon was manufactured by Dominick & Haff of New York

The back is engraved Nov. 22, 1880 and intertwined initials

Mixed metal silver from this time period is very desireable. This is the only spoon which I have seen using this technique, but I am sure others exist.

This unusual nut spoon is hand made in the "arts and crafts" style and it shows the distinctive hammer marks associated with that style.

I haven't been able to trace the marks, but I suspect that it is of Scandinavian origin

It is engraved "15-4-28" (April 15, 1928) and the initial "A"

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