Commemorating the birth of the oil industry

oil well geyser-annimated

This is the largest grouping of oil well silver spoons known at this time.


oil well silver spoons

Observe the many different styles of handles which were used to commemorate these oil wells

oil well spoons

Oil drilling and refining was an important industry in the 1890's. The discovery of a new deposit of black gold was a key to instant riches. In spoon collecting we have two types of oil well spoons:

    Spoons commemorating the discovery of a particular oil well
      Souvenir spoons of a visit to an oil producing area

The joy associated with a new well was indeed momentous. A few spoons were engraved with a picture of the new gusher and the name and sometimes a date. These spoons are rare and unique collectibles. 

Of course, tourists visiting an oil producing area would often want a spoon as a memento of their visit. These are a little more common, but still fairly collectible. It is often difficult to tell the two types apart. 

oil well spoon

embossed spoon from Neodesha, Kansas

probably a tourist spoon

oil well spoon

engraved spoon Whittier, California

possibly commemorating a well discovery or for someone who worked at the site

oil well spoon

engraved spoon Bowling Green, Ohio

probably commemorating the discovery

oilwell spoon

engraved spoon, Bolivar, N.Y.

probably a tourist spoon

oilwell spoon

engraved Shooting oil well, Findley, Ohio

Probably commemorating the discovery

oilwell spoon

embossed and engraved spoon for Beaumont (Texas)

probably a tourist or worker souvenir

oil well spoon

Engraved Bakersfield, California

"Elton Jan. 10, 1903"

gold washed bowl

Probably a commemoration of the discovery of this well

In my opinion, the oil industry was the most important industry in the USA and was the major force behind the huge technological developments which we have seen over the last 100+ years and the primary

reason why our standard of living is at its current level.

I do know that it is popular to bash this industry due to environmental problems, but the oil industry drove the development of automobiles, plastics, rubber, asphalt, some types of medical, agricultural improvements, 

drilling technology for all industries, metalurgy, etc.

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