Sometimes we find old buildings, first buildings, early scenes etc. on Souvenir Spoons.

I suspect that most of these should be taken with that 'proverbial grain of salt' as I doubt that much research was done before the spoons were made.

However, looking at these old buildings is still rather interesting even if not historically accurate.

old building spoons
all spoons are sterling
1. engraved  "First House Dayton, O 1795", pattern handle gold washed bowl by Towle
2. embossed view of "Chicago 1852", Ft. Dearborn style handle by Gorham and retailed by C.D. Peacock
3. engraved "1704 Matteawan N.Y." with goldenrod handle, by Shepard and retailed by Geo. F. Phesay
4.  embossed bowl "old Kentucky home", by Mechanics div of Watson
right vertical:
5. engraved "Chicago's first building 1803"  by Mechanics div of Watson
6.  engraved "early Dayton 1856" , pattern #55 by Shepard

first house dayton
nicely engraved view of early Dayton 1796

early chicago spoon
nicely embossed view of early Chicago 1832

matteawan spoon
nicely engraved Matteawan, New York bowl

old building Louisville
Nicely embossed log cabin --This image is also found on other types of souvenir spoons

first chicago building spoon
crudely engraved 'Chicago's first building 1803'

dayton spoon
Nicely engraved view of a log cabin

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