There is something very exciting and romantic about old forts. From the beginning of our history, the western expansion was a dangerous undertaking. The brave soldiers and explorers have been enshrined in history with countless books recounting their heroic exploits from fighting dangerous indians, to trapping bears and beavers; from enduring freezing winters to protecting settlers and establishing thriving communities which still exist. In fact, many of these forts are now in the center of rich prosperous cities, which shows the ability of these first explorers to spot the best location for future growth.

Furthermore, the old forts with their wooden log walls and sparse accomodations have a romantic lore. A visitor can say with certainty that here famous early heroes walked, talked and lived.

It is not surprising that in the 1890 - 1920 period many tourists visited these old forts and came away with souvenir spoons of their visit. Even today, tourists still flock to these sites to experience the  "thrill of history"

Frontier Forts

One of the nice things about collecting engraved spoons is that no two are exactly alike. So when I brought home a Fort Wayne spoon and found that I already had one, I simply compared the two and realized that I had two different views.  The handles are obviously different, the view is very similar.


Fort Defiance is related to the Revolutionary War but my usual sources have failed me. So if anyone has more infor, please e-mail me.

Fort Snelling is at the juncture of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. It was completed in 1822 and became a center for industry and culture. In 1825 it was renamed Fort Snelling  (from Fort St. Anthony) to honor Col. Josiah Snelling.


Fort Harrison is named after Pres. William Henry Harrison who spent most of his military career in fighting indians in the Indiana territory.

Fort Pitt, Pittsburgh (founded 1764)

Military Forts

Fort Sumter is where the Civil War began.

The Alamo in Texas is famous as the last stand of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. Interestingly, the fort is cutout and engraved on the handle of this spoon.

Morro Castle is our fort on the island of Cuba. We obtained rights to it after the Spanish American war and have occupied it ever since. It has been a thorn in Fidel Castro's side since he captured Cuba.


Fort Mackinack, Michigan

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