Palm trees were synonymous in the popular imagination with California and Florida at this point in history,

despite the fact that there are over 2600 species of palm trees identified.

This exhibit is just a small sampling of the many palm trees shown on souvenir spoons..

palm tree spoons
All spoons are sterling (except I am unsure about #5 as it is not marked)
The rightmost spoon is from the Philippine islands and features an engraved hut in the bowl

palm tree spoons

Sterling silver Palm tree spoons from the Los Angeles Area

palm tree spoon

palm tree spoon
engraved palm trees

palm tree spoon monkey
The bowl of this spoon has been converted to a monkey shape with very fine chasing workmanship
This spoon is not marked as to silver quality or location, but is hand made and I suspect it is sterling
In any case it is a very unique souvenir spoon.

palm tree spoon
Engraved date palm tree

palm tree spoon

Engraved palm tree spoon

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