Pan American World Fair

Buffalo, New York

The purpose of the Pan Am World Fair was to promote trade relations with Central and South America. The fair was off to a fairly slow start, but President McKinley went to the fair and was shaking hands with the public, when an assassin fired a bullet which eventually killed him. Afterward the fair was much better attended. A link to the McKinley assassination spoons is provided near the bottom of this exhibit.

From the top: Buffalo (surrounded by blue enamel), Indian Chief holding hatchet

Bowl shows the linking of North America and South America surrounded by a light blue enamel.

The continents are actually mythological figures (look closely)

The Reverse has a picture of Niagara Falls

This spoon is also available without enameling and often shows an electric tower in the bowl

A nice large "miner pan" style bowl with an engraved view of North and South America

"The Temple of Music"

where McKinley was meeting the public

A very unique spoon featuring a buffalo with red eyes (rubies? glass?). Although it is not marked as being from the fair, I suspect that it is a fair souvenir.

buffalo symbol from the fair (rebus)

pan american expo spoon mexico

This hand made spoon is an interesting mix.

The finial shows the Mexican eagle with a snake in its mouth and the bowl is engraved from the Pan-American Expo, Buffalo, 1901. There are no markings but I suspect it is Mexican made for resale at the fair.

Common silver plated demi spoon from the Pan-Am world fair

The Electric Tower was the most visible element of the fair and is commonly found on spoons. The use of electricity was a new phenomenon and anything related to this "miracle" was the subject of much conversation.

Pan am world fair spoons

Silver plated spoons from the Pan Am world fair

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