SAN DIEGO -- 1915

The San Diego and San Francisco Panama Pacific International Expositions were basically  concurrent, but the San Diego version was much smaller because San Diego was the
smallest city to ever host a worlds fair (about 40,000 population at that time).
However, 3.7 million people visited the fair starting on Dec. 31, 1914 until it closed in 1916 (extended) including many famous names.

The major theme was "human progress" and San Diego touted itself as the first American port after leaving the Panama Canal.
President Wilson inaugerated the red and white themed event which was planted with thousands of exotic plants including 40,000 red poinsettias.

Most of the world fairs buildings of this era were made out of a temporary building material (similar to paper mache) which was expected to rapidly deteriorate in a few years.
At the conclusion of this fair, the city counsel voted money to convert these buildings into permanent structures and they are still being used as museums and can still be seen
at beautiful  Balboa Park.

PPIE spoons san diego 1915

ppie san diego spoon
Goddess promoting San Diego as a port city

ppie san diego entrance spoon
Entrance to Balboa Park

ppie san diego spoon

Main administration building, ruins of the San Diego mission and Ramona's home (a tourist attraction)
The administration building is now the "museum of man"

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Panama California Exposition 1915

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