Spoons of Peru

Peru has been noted for its silver and artisanship for hundreds of years. As we might expect the spoons from this part of the world reflect that long heritage.

These three handmade spoons are excellent examples of Peruvian artistry.

Below I have reproduced some enlargements of the finials

Note the fine quality filigree workmanship

The use of a large silver "un sol" coin is to show the purity of the metal

Note: many of these coin spoons are produced in different sizes. This obviously has an influence on price.

The two bowls on the left are "ladle like". The one on the right opens up on a hinge so that tea leaves can be placed inside.

Below I have reproduced the finials so that you can examine them closer

The leftmost spoon is probably Mexican or Navajo

I am not sure if these two figures are supposed to be Peruvian stone gods. Both spoons are marked "900". The left spoon is shown above with the bowl that opens on a hinge.


The right picture is a detailed shepard

This set of 6 very large ice tea stirrer spoons each feature a different facet of Peruvian history. These spoons are very long (approx 9.125" -- 230mm) and heavy with a twisty stem and a normal bowl. They are marked "925" as is most Peruvian silver

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