There are an estimated 115 different species of pine trees and as one would expect, each type has slightly different pine cones.

Furthermore there are male and female pine cones

I have only two pine cone spoons so we will not discuss all the different types of pine trees or pine cones

pine cone spoon
As you can see we have two different varieties of pine cones featured on these spoons.

Both of these spoons were manufactured by the Mechanics division of Watson
and both feature very exquisite die cutting with high dimensionality

pine cone spoons back

The back of these spoons continue the pattern from the front

The bowl of this spoon is engraved Ashland, Wi  which is a heavily wooded area on Lake Superior
I suspect that this is a knobcone pine

The bowl of this spoon is engraved "Chicago"

pine tree spoon

A simple open cut work spoon featuring a pine tree

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