This is a very large spoon featuring  a platypus

platypus spoon
I have included a ruler and a tea sized spoon in the picture to help you visualize size.

This spoon is made of hand hammered aluminum

Aluminum was more expensive than either gold or silver until about 1850 and jewelry and other objects were made from this precious metal until about 1910.
An inexpensive smelting process was discover and huge amounts of aluminum were refined from bauxite.
By 1910, cheap aluminum objects were readily available in stores.

A few of these hand hammered aluminum 'arts and crafts' style objects still exist and there are specialized collectors for them.

In any case, platypus' are very rare in the artistic fields.

The back of this spoon is marked with a "maker mark, Australia" 

I do not recognize this maker mark. If you have any information, please contact me.

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