Gothic Revival Style

Silver Spoons

These three spoons are an interesting adaptation of the Gothic Revival style which was very popular in the first decade of the 1900's.

If you are not familiar with the concept of plique-a-jour spoons you should visit that exhibit before you view this one as I have assumed that you know about plique-a-jour. Click here to learn about plique-a-jour.

Three plique-a-jour handmade spoons in the Gothic Revival style with interesting shell shaped bowls were manufactured by Barden Blake & Co. of Plainsville and Attleboro, Massachusetts. All of the spoons use cloissone style serrated wiring to separate the cells. The bottom spoon also has applied features. All of the spoons also have a minor amount of engraved decoration. American made plique is much rarer than European plique work.

Detail Views of the nice Plique work

Very nice use of red, blue, yellow enamel colors

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