Patriotic Order of Americans
Induction Speech

"I, …, in the presence of the Divine Being, who hears my vow, and these my new found friends, solemnly promise that I never will, under any circumstances, expose or impart to any person who is not a member of this Order, any of its signs, tokens, pass-words or Ritualistic work. I promise to obey all its laws and rules, and never take part in the illegal distribution of the funds or property of this Camp. I solemnly promise that I never will circulate or give expression to any rumor or report that reflects upon the character of any Sister or Brother of this Order. I will, if required, sacrifice my life in the defense of my country. I promise to resist in every way the union of Church and State, and to advance the system of general education by means of our free schools as far as my power and fortune will permit. I swear to regard my Country, her Flag and her Constitution with veneration. I will aid, protect and defend a worthy member as I would be aided and defended by the same. And now to this Order, my Country and her Flag, devoting head, heart and hand, I pledge my sworn and solemn faith; so help me God, as I am true to this, my oath. Amen.
Camp: AMEN.
Chaplain at left of President: Infinite Ruler of all things, by whose direction we are guided here; by whose permission and by whose mercy these strangers have arrived in our presence, we invoke Thee. We offer our thanks and implore Thy blessing. Open the eyes of those around us and inspire them; while among the men of earth to do well the things necessary to be done by the sons of earth. Show them that love of country encompasses all other love, and that without a country hope dies in the heart, and liberty has no name. Teach them that fidelity to country and to friends is a virtue so high, and so sacred, as never to be forgotten. Inspire them to take courage that they may aspire to that Heaven where all is eternal and where corruption is unknown.

 My Sister, it gives me pleasure to greet you as a Sister member of this Order. Worn an with a magic influence holds the power of molding minds and shaping destinies:
Let us ever be mindful of this great responsibility. Let us be strong in faith and united in action, always remembering the sacred objects for which we are banded together, and as I now invest you with, the colors which were borne upon many a hardfought field, I charge you to be as faithful to your obligations as our forefathers were faithful to the principles of American liberty. Clothe the Sister in regalia. Wear it proudly, and never by word or act disgrace this emblem of your nationality, nor forget the story that brightens its colors and adds a lustre to the stars that shine brighter because above them. "

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