european portrait spoons royalty
from left:
1.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (poet, writer)
2.  Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
3. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
4. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
5. Andreas Hofer of Austria (leader of a rebellion against Napoleon)
6. Otto von Bismarck (Prussian statesmen and 1st Chancellor of German empire)
7. Edward VII was King of the United Kingdom

european royalty spoons
1. Alexandra of Denmark (Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia) wife of King Edward V11 (United Kingdom)
2.  Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (when she was younger --different portraits of her are available)
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3. Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia and German empire (Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst)  and his wife the Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

columbus and gutenberg spoons
1. Christopher Columbus
2.  Johannes Gutenberg (developer of movable type for the printing  press)

Napoleon spoons

Napoleon Bonaparte

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I want to thank Rick and Anne Marek for helping  me identify some of these people
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