Situated on the Iberian peninsula, the Portugese Republic has been a seafaring nation since its inception.
Prince Henry the Navigator was instrumental in making Portugal one of the longest lived of the modern European colonial empires.

portugal souvenir spoons
The top left spoon (Puerto de la Luz carries an 800  silver mark but it is not a Portuguese mark
The other spoons are unmarked and may be silver plated, but they look and feel like they might be 800 silver

portugal spoon

Maputo Railway Station , formerly called Lourenco Marques Railway Station  before independence is actually in Mozambique (Africa south east coast).
When this spoon was made, Portugal was the colonial power and the inscription on the municipal building is "This is Portugal"

portugal spoon puerto de la luz

For over five centruies, the Port of Las  Palmas (aka Puerto de la Luz) has  been the largest and most important supply port for ships plying the mid-Atlantic, Africa and parts of Europe.
It is also one of the main Spanish ports and was the port used when Prince Henry the Navigator sent his ships to explore the west African coast.

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