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60th Wedding Anniversary

Attainment of a sixtieth (60) wedding anniversary is a remarkable feat even today with all of our life prolonging medicine. During the 19th century this was an even more magnificent and unusual accomplishment, since the average life expectancy was around 50 years of age.

This extremely beautiful serving spoon was custom engraved on the back. "1836 - 1896" " Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dyer from friends in the First F. H. Church on their 60th anniversary".

anniversary gift spoon presentation

I have tried to do some geneological research, but this is not my expertise. I did find a W. H. Dyer who lived at this time in Rogers, Arkansas. Mr. Dyer was a member of the volunteer fire department and he was also a Commissioner involved in the exploration of the Oklahoma territory. Matters of railroad acquisition of lands in the new territory versus the rights of the native Americans were discussed before him. Mr. Dyer died in Tennessee in 1910. I could not find any information on his wife.

gift berry gorham serving aesthetic  spoon

This gorgeous 7.5" serving spoon is in the aesthetic tradition with an unusual gold plated bowl and engraving along with  scalloped "ears". It is marked sterling and 925/1000 without a manufacturer mark, but based upon the design I suspect that it was custom made by Gorham Silversmiths in their 1893 Kensington pattern.

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