President James Abram Garfield was our 20th President and the second President to be assassinated after only 200 days in office.
In his short term he presided over a resurgence in Presidential authority, energied US naval power and purged corruption from the Post Office.

Garfield was not a particularly popular President at the point in history when these spoons were made.

garfield spoons
all spoons are sterling

1. wavy handled Shepard Ohio state handle with an engraved picture of the Garfield memorial in Cleveland.
2. Embossed Garfield memorial in the bowl and a full finial statue of Moses Cleveland the founder of Cleveland, Ohio, Alvin
3. engraved picture of the Garfield memorial on a pattern handle by S&P (unidentified mark)
4. demi embossed picture of the Garfield memorial , no manufacturer mark

garfield memorial cleveland spoon
Detail of #3 above

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