Andrew Jackson, our 7th President was an aggressive and tough general/politician with a stubborn macho personality.
He was a wealthy slave owner but he consistently supported the agenda of the common man and his protection of popular democracy and individual liberty.
In 1828, Jackson supported  a small limited government and he dismantled the Bank of the US.
Even though he was a slave holder, he told the southern states that they do NOT have the right to nullify Federal law  (which ultimately was a major cause of the Civil War).
He was a general which fought Indian Tribes and caused them untold grief, but he also personally adopted an indian orphan boy.
Truly he was an enigma President.

jackson spoon

jackson spoons
all spoons sterling
1. bowl features the monument to Jackson on the battlefield of New Orleans. A.M.Hill pat April 25, '91,
2. bowl features the monument to Jackson in New Orleans. La. Mechanics div of Watson
3. demi version of #1

Jackson statue spoon
Jackson Statue in New Orleans, Louisiana

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