Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, guided the nation through its worst military, constitutional, moral and political crisis that it has ever faced.

After his election in 1860,  seven southern states declared their intention to secede from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. The CSA attacked union forces at Fort Sumter in April of 1861
and the northern states  rallied to the call to save the United States of America.  During an extremely bitter war between the states (that pitted father against son and brother against brother) oximornically called a 'Civil War', Lincoln faced  
major and continuous military and political crises'.  A few days after the war ended, Lincoln became the first US President to be  assasinated.

During the era of the Souvenir Spoon collecting frenzy the memories of this war were still active and while most of the participants were aged, the after effects of the war were still being felt.

abraham lincoln spoons

all spoons are sterling

1. embossed Lincoln's home in Springfield, Ill. stem on both sides shows aspects of his life. Mechanics div of Watson
2.  embossed Lincoln's home in Springfield, stem on both sides shows aspects of his life. J.C. Klaholt
3. embossed picture of the house when Lincoln died in Washington DC, Mechanics div of Watson
4.  The new capital in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lancaster, Neb was renamed Lincoln in honor of Pres. Lincoln. cutout handle, Reed and Barton
5. handle shows Lincoln's home, the bowl shows the "National Lincoln Monument". (see below),Gorham
6. enameled bowl "Abraham Lincoln Frees the Slaves" and enameled finial of the Whitehouse at that point in history . Alfred H. Oechsle, Jefferson City, Mo.

pres lincoln home spoons

pres lincoln home engraved spoonlincoln home spoon

The left picture is a hand engraved view of Lincoln's home in Springfield. The right picture is an embossed view.

Lincoln frees the slaves spoon

Picture of Lincoln freeing the slaves by T. H. Benton, 1955

proposed Lincoln national monument spoon

This is a most interesting little spoon.
The picture is not anything like the actual Lincoln monument in Washington DC
Apparently about a dozen years earlier, a monument to Lincoln was proposed for Washington DC and this is what was proposed.
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