President William  McKinley was our 25th President and was the third President to be assassinated (1901).
Under his leadership the Spanish-American war was initiated and resolved in America's favor.
The gold standard was maintained and tariff's were instituted to protect American business from foreign competition.
There was rapid economic progress as a recovery was made from the deep financial panic of 1893.
His assassination while attending the Pan American World Fair in Buffalo, NY was traumatic for the nation.

mckinley spoons
all spoons shown are sterling
1.  Engraved view of his home in Canton, Ohio. retailed by H. Deuble
2. engraved view of his home on an Irian pattern. Wallace. Pat 1892
3. Embossed view of the Temple of Music. "God's will be done not ours". manufactured by Shepard
4. acid etched view of the McKinley tomb in Canton. Gorham pattern patented 1911
5. Embossed view of Temple of Music. Alvin
6. Transfer Printed black & white view of McKinley monument in Toledo, Shepard
7. Embossed view of McKinley monument in Buffalo, NY.  by George Vose, Providence, RI
8. Engraved view of McKinley monument in Buffalo, dated on back 1909.  by Mansfield
9. bowl engraved "1904". by Mechanics div of Watson

mckinley spoons
Detail pictures showing the Temple of Music and his tomb

columbia weeping spoonmckinley god spoon

Interesting view of a weeping Columbia saying "Goodbye to all" and "God's will be done, not ours"

mckinley home spoon
Detail of McKinley's home

mckinley monument spoon
Detail views of McKinley's memorial in Buffalo, NY

A number of other exhibits in this museum deal with events during McKinley's term of office

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