Silver Prison Spoons

This is a very unusual category of "souvenir spoon". Ordinarily, one would not think of a prison as a place for tourists. However, during the 1890's reform movements were sweeping the country. New theories of rehabilitating prisoners were in vogue, and new prisons were built to incorporate these ideas into the physical plant. American prisons were in the forefront of these reforms, and the American prison system was considered to be the most enlightened in the world which encouraged reformers from all over the world to visit these modern institutions. American tourists were often invited into the prisons to observe the "modern" facilities and some prisons had balconies where the tourists could watch the prisoners. I suspect that these spoons were from such visits. After awhile, prison reformers considered these tourists observing prisoners to be a violation of ethics and the visits were stopped. All of these spoons are bright-cut hand engraved.

Illinois State Reformatory, Pontiac, Illinois with a flower handle
Engraved "Floy 2:11:13" (Feb. 11, 1913)

State Penetentionary (sic), Rawlings, Wyoming

State Prison, Waupin, Wisconsin

Womans Building
State Penitentiary, Joliet, Illinois

There is a major Federal prison in Joliet, But a spoon about a woman's prison is very rare.
dated (1901)

State Reform School, Salem, Oregon

Prison (penitenciria), Durango, Mexico (with crouching indian/corn handle)

Prison Time for OVI/DUI Offenses in Ohio

OVI and DUI Law Firm in Columbus Ohio

Prison Time for Multiple OVI Offenses

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