Award Spoons

Spoons were sometimes used as prizes or awards or gifts for sporting events, hobby shows, fraternal organizations etc. Occasionally the spoons are clearly marked so that we can understand what is happening. Most of the time, however, the spoons were used for other than first place and they were prepared in advance so that they could be given to the recipient at the time the honor was awarded. In a few instances later engraving gives us more information. I have only a few spoons which I believe were used in this manner, and, to be honest, I cannot always state with certainty that these were "prize spoons."

The Dog Show

This interesting spoon is labeled "The National Dogshow", Birmingham (England)
The back is engraved "French Bulldog 'Brace' 1926"

I suspect that "Brace" won this division.
I also have an unengraved version of this spoon. It is quite possible that it was also a prize spoon, but since there is no engraving on it, I did not include it.

This spoon is engraved "43rd No 5--1st Prize Pte (Private) A. Lough--9-17-87"
I don't know what type of contest Mr. Lough won.

The marks on this spoon are also curious. They look English at first glance, but they are not legitimate British marks. I suspect that these are "pseudo marks" and the spoon was made in one of the British Colonies. The spoon does appear to be hand made in the basic fiddle pattern, but this pattern was popular and used for a very long period of time, so I do not know if the year is 1787 or 1887.

Any help with deciphering this set of marks would be appreciated

This is one of my favorite spoons and I would like to believe that it was designed as a "prize" spoon. It is all handmade with workmanship of very high quality. The applied bronze horsehead makes me think that it was designed for some horse related activity. The combination of Art Nuevo and Art Deco design puts it around the turn of the century (1900). It is not engraved, thus I cannot be certain that it was a prize spoon.

This spoon is engraved "Cresceus 1.99 3/4 Toledo, O"

It must have been a prize spoon or they would not have engraved the winning time.

John Cramer of the Toledo Museum has given me the following very interesting information: "Cresceus" (kre'-shus) was a harness racing horse owned by George H Ketcham, a turn of the century industrialist in Toledo (Ohio). My research is still very preliminary, but references to this horse indicate that it was an extraordinary animal, capturing the worlds record on at least one occasion in 1901 (a mile in 2:02:15). The horse also retired undefeated. A dance song was written in 1902, "Cresceus Gallop". Cresceus was sold to the owner of "Dan Patch" in 1906." John, Thank you for this information.

This demi spoon is engraved "Canadian Championship Yellowknife". An annual dog sled race is held in Yellowknife, Canada and one of the spectators attending the race apparently bought this souvenir spoon.

This spoon is engraved "Cranbrook Regatta 1900 1st prize". Cranbrook, England used to conduct yacht races and apparently this was the first prize for one of these races in 1900. I have been unable to trace this spoon further.

rifle spoon wentworth prize 1916

This nice rifle handled spoon was used as the first prize at a contest sponsored by the Hotel Wentworth, New Castle by the Sea, New Hampshire,  in 1916.

The winner was Rosamond E. Reed. I was unable to find any information about this person.

The spoon is marked 'sterling' , but there is no manufacturer mark

This patented  sterling spoon by Alvin Corp. was a gift from the "WCTU" to one of its members.

The Woman's Christian Temperance  Union was founded in 1874 and is currently the longest surviving woman's organization.

This group was the primary agitator for liquor prohibition in the USA and its efforts led to the 18th amendment to the US constitution which prohibited alcohol.

wctu gift spoonwctu gift spoon

Engraved in the bowl is "From W.C.T.U.  5-12-'11 (1911)"

The recipient is only identified by an old English engraved "M" and since there were 245,299 members in 1911, I don't think I can identify the woman.

award spoon royal guernsey

I am not sure what Sargeant J.G.W.Le Page won in 1904 from the royal Guernsey Militia

but I suspect that he was quite happy with this beautifully engraved spoon

ywca tennis award spoon

crossed tennis racquets from a YWCA contest in 1931

See the Bobby Fischer Chess spoon

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