Dionne Quintuplets

The Dionne Quintuplets were featured on several types of advertising media.

As this advertisement makes clear, the spoons sold for 10 cents each plus the black bands from two cakes of Palmolive Soap.

Tens of thousands were produced.

quintuplets spoons

These spoons are often found individually, but are also found as sets.

Margaret White has provided us with these spoons, which she remembers from her childhood

Prices will vary very widely. Dealers have been known to ask $150 - $200 for a set, but it is not unusual to find the spoons ranging from $1 to $10 each. You should not buy these pieces unless they are in "mint" condition.

Before plunking down a large amount of money for these spoons, consider all the facts.

Individually and in sets these spoons are not rare

Quint spoons are all silverplated

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