Webster's Dictionary defines a REBUS as "a representation of words or syllables by pictures of objects whose names resemble the intended words or syllables in sound".

A person might not even realize a spoon is intended to be a rebus unless you are aware of the underlying meaning.

The most famous of the rebus spoons are these

Arkansas spoons (R--can--saw)

These spoons are available in tea and demi sizes

Spearfish, South Dakota is the subject of this rebus spoon

This nicely hand made renaissance revival spoon is also from Spearfish, South Dakota. The handle is made in a popular early 1890 Norwegian style and it is nicely engraved using a roulette. I suspect that the silversmith who made this spoon was a new immigrant who simply adapted the "old style" to a new purpose.

This couple is "spooning", a popular expression around the turn of the century for unmarried couples engaged in hugging and kissing type activities.

rebus for Buffalo, New York (site of the Pan American World Fair 1901)

Several variations of this "cats-kill-mountain" rebus are found on spoons
(the Catskill mountains outside NY were (are) a popular tourist attraction)

"see dar rabbits" rebus for Cedar Rapids

Broken Bow, Nebraska

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