These fairly large  silver servers do not seem to be for any particular  sect but they are Christian oriented.

religion christian themed silver servers

The left server with a  fleur-de-lys finial (Florentine Lily) is often found on silver.
The figure in the bowl is supposedly the baby Jesus wrapped in a swaddling cloth.  However, Mr. W. Kundis
has correctly pointed out that the Foundling hospital of Florence, Italy has a number of
friezes depicting this image.

The middle spoon appears to be the three wise men visiting Jesus

The third spoon appears to have an apostle finial, but this is NOT a traditional apostle style spoon.
 The bowl is a common Dutch themed pastural scene

florence foundling hospital

Foundling hospital of Florence, Italy

This stylized lily is known as the Florentine Lily and is an emblem for Florence, Italy

Lions protecting a crossed key design on the bottom spoon
On the right is a somewhat similar symbol from the Bank of  New Zealand (but this spoon has nothing to do with NZ)
Crossed key symbols are found in a number of different situations, but usually they somehow relate to St. Peter.
 There is also a town in Holland known for crossed keys. 

If you know about any of these symbols -- please contact me

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