by Wayne Bednersh

Most of us don't particularly like rodents.  However, in my collection, I do have a few spoons with unsavory members of the rodent family.

The squirrel isn't too bad, so I thought we should start with this cute engraved squirrel on a conventional 'mothers' pattern by Gorham. I am assuming that the
Washington Park in Quincy, Illinois had a lot of squirrels

The badger doesn't have quite as acceptable an image as the squirrel, but this art deco style cutout spoon informs us that Wisconsin is the 'Badger State'

This "La Rose Silver Plate" spoon has a cute skunk painted on it. The back has the artist's name "Judy Wirtue".
 The painting is modern and appears to be oil paint.

This stainless steel slice from Taiwan has a cute skunk painted on it. The back is signed "J. Wirtue"
Skunks arn't a problem on the internet - -as we don't have smell computers yet.

This silver Chinese spoon features three rats on the handle. (These arn't even cute little mice). The heavy handle is  chased in detail  by hand.
Marks are in Chinese script.

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