Cowboy and Rodeo Spoons

The rodeo is a popular test of a cowboy's skill and even today it has a very large following. I do not know much about this sport as I have only been to one rodeo in my life (and I was less than impressed), but I do know that many people enjoy watching the rodeo and that there are many professionals involved in the sport. Most of these spoons are from the very first part of this century, and I suspect that the rodeo was a very popular tradition at that time.

The finial on this spoon is very large and detailed. It is labeled Broncho (sic) Buster.

The bowl is impressed with a picture of a cowboy lassoing a steer.
It is engraved "Dickinson 4-3-07"
The handle is a conventional North Dakota state design.
I suspect that this was a "prize spoon"

A hand engraved version of a cowboy roping a steer
bowl identifies it from Fort Worth, Texas dated "3/4/99" (that would be 1899). It also has initials engraved on the handle, thus it may also have been a prize spoon

Sorry, This gold washed engraved spoon bowl is extremely reflective thus the picture is very hard to see.
The picture shows a cowboy on horseback roping a cow and the caption is "The Mad Cow".
I thought that this was an interesting label.

front back

This is a really great spoon. The front of the handle is a full figure cowboy
The back of the handle is a full figure indian
The bowl shows a cowboy on horseback and is engraved "Dodge City 1910"

western girl spoonwestern girl spoon back

The Western Girl riding a horse is depicted on  a spoon from Oregon

front and back shown

A cute horse head finial

Cowboy riding a horse

Cowboy on rearing horse.
This spoon is later (20 - ?) and is found with different city names

left: Billings, Montana

middle: Reno, Nevada

right: Las Vegas, Nevada

and probably available with others. These spoons may be of mid-century manufacture.

Front and back on a great spoon from Glendive, Montana. The front features a stagecoach being pulled by horses with an armed gunman hiding behind a bush. The back features a cowboy roping a cow.

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