The Royal Arcanum life insurance company was founded in Boston in 1887.

The Knights of Honor which is a part of the Masons fraternal organization attempted to form a life insurance plan for its members.
However that company failed because of a poor understanding of sound annuity practices.

The Royal Arcanum company has prospered and has become a success in the fraternal life insurance business
as a not-for-profit fraternal based benefit society.

royal arcanum spoon rhode island

This very interesting sterling spoon features a lot of images.

The bowl tells us that it was produced by the Grand Council of Rhode Island
and was instituted on April  24, 1890 as a division of the Royal Arcanum.
The symbol in the center of the bowl is a variation on the Seal of the state of Rhode Island.
above the  seal is the date 1903-04 which I assume is when this spoon was made.

On the stem are the words "virtue" "mercy" "charity"

The code VMC 1105 appears to be the  main policy program.

Apparently a couple of different versions of this spoon were made including one with a plain bowl
Also a number of pins were made by this company in the past.

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