Communist Era Souvenir Spoons

Some higher quality silver and enameled vermeil spoons were produced by the Russians during the Communist era. During this time period, the authorities did not emphasize the artistic endeavors of the previous time and the quality of the workmanship is much lower than during the Czarist era. These spoons are very similar to the modern Norwegian enamel spoons but are still desireable collectibles even though they are not nearly as nice as the czarist spoons.

Russian communist era spoons

tower topped by a star (marked 916 quality silver)

modernistic design flower (vermeil -916)

vermeil with enamel (marked 875 silver)

vermeil enamel (marked 875 silver)

vermeil with enamel (marked 875 silver)

These silver enameled character spoons from Russia are much prettier than the modern character spoons that we mass produce in this country. The spoons are available with at least 6 different figures which I have seen.

Unusual very heavy cast design with a very ordinary bowl

A number of gold plated non-sterling souvenir spoons were produced by several of the Eastern European countries. While these do have colored bowl pictures, they are of the same quality as the souvenir spoons found in modern tourist shops and are of questionable desireability as collectibles for the most part. (A link to some of these is below).

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