San Diego is now the second largest city in California, but at the time when these spoons were
being made, it  was much smaller. In 1915 the population was under 40,000.

san diego spoons
small sampling of Sterling spoons from San Diego, California

The San Diego bay is very picturesque and is shown on a lot of spoons

san diego spoonsan diego spoon

san diego spoon

The current San Diego skyline (from the water)  is spectacular.

san diego spoon ramona
sampling of sterling spoons from Ramona's wedding house, San Diego

The Casa De Estudillo in 'old town' San Diego is one of the oldest surviving historic adobes and is now a national and California historical landmark.

Helen Hunt Jackson wrote a very popular novel in 1884 titled "Ramona" about a romanticized early California life.
John D. Spreckels (local newspaper owner) restored the house in 1910 and turned it into a tourist attraction making the claim (unverified) that this house was from the novel.
The author never visited this site and never commented as to the exact locations mentioned in the novel.

ramonas wedding house spoon, san diego

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