The famous Cliff House Restaurant overlooking the Golden Gate has been a tourist attraction and local gathering spot since 1858.
However, a series of fires have destroyed the building(s) and the current Cliff House is the fifth incarnation
of this classic restaurant.

The seven story Vctorian chateau pictured on many souvenir spoons was built in 1896 by Adolph Sutro (a wealthy mining magnate) and was
nicknamed the "Gingerbread Palace". Below the Cliff House was the famous 'seal rocks' where people could watch the
seals sunning themselves.

The 1896 cliff house survived the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco but succombed  to a fire in 1907.

The 'new' cliff house was rebuilt in a neo-classical style and was completed in a few years.

cliff house spoons

sterling spoons from the San Francisco Cliff House Restaurant

cliff house spoons
Seven story victorian style Cliff House

cliff house spoons
New classical style CliffHouse with the seal rocks

cliff house spoons

Labeled as "new" Cliff House

cliff house san fancisco penny

A flattened penny featuring the old Cliff House

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