Michigan was a dynamic state during the time of the souvenir spoon collecting frenzy and hosted many travelers to her natural beauties
as well as some of her dynamic cities.  Times have certainly changed with the recent bankruptcy of Detroit.

Michigan ship harbor scenes spoons

all spoons are sterling

left column
1. Manistique, Mi, figural fish handle, Mechanics div of Watson
2. Hoosier Slide, Michigan City, Indiana, Towle, gold washed bowl
3. River front, Detroit, Shepard
4. South Haven, Mi, Towle

right column:
1. South Haven harbor view, Towle, gold washed bowl
2. Detroit (riverfront scene), Towle, gold washed bowl
3. demi, Detroit waterfront scene, Shepard, wavy handle state design

michigan detroit water front
Embossed bowl with a nice skyline view of Detroit

michigan detroit river front spoon
Engraved view of the skyline and waterfront for Detroit

Hoosier slide, indiana spoon
Yes, I KNOW that the Hoosier Slide in Michigan City, Indiana is NOT in Michigan
But I put it in this exhibit anyway because of its location on Lake Michigan.

The Hoosier Slide sand dune was Indiana's most famous natural Landmark.  Commercial sand mining for the glass industry pretty much obliterated the sand dune by 1920.

michigan spoon

Cute engraved scene of the fishing tugs at Manistique, Michigan
Located at the mouth of the Manistique river where it flows into Lake Michigan, even this small town in the  upper peninsula of Michigan was worthy of a beautiful souvenir spoon.
Much of the local economy depends on tourism.

south haven michigan spoon
Nicely hand engraved harbor view of South Haven, Michigan
South Haven has been a resort town since the 1890's and was often referred to as the "Catskills of the Midwest".
Its location at the mouth of the Black River where it empties into Lake Michigan, made South Haven a popular port for both passengers and freight.

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac spoon

nice sterling three dimensional figure of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
Cadillac was an important early French explorer in the Great Lakes area
and founded Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit (now Detroit, Mich.)

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