huge silver ship  spoons

There is a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon on the right which is to help you visualize how big these spoons actually are.

1. 8.5" length featuring a small sail powered dinghy with a full figural man in the boat.The bowl is a genre scene with two contented cows and a windmill (see below), French silver Guarantee mark and pseudo Hanau marks
2.  7.75" spoon with a three masted ship finial . The bowl (see detail below) is Rembrandt's famous "Night Watch" painting. no  marks, unsure of silver quality, but excellent workmanship
3. 5.875" spoon with a ship finial and a repoussed picture with a man and a small group of cattle. 835 silver, maker VE
4. 9" spoon with a ship finial and an odd shaped scenic bowl  (see below). 800 silver
5. 8.125" spoon with a ship finial and scenic bowl (see below), Holland, 835 silver. maker iB
6. 8.75" spoon with a hand sawn ship finial, Chester England Import marks for 1902, prob. German manufacture (BM), Sterling
7. 9" long handled spoon with a ship finial and a shell shaped bowl. B&Z -Buchholz & Zelt , NY ( importer), 800 silver, Germany

contented cow spoon bowl

repousse work with two foreground cows and a bridge over a stream.
Windmill and houses in the background
This is a very common theme in Dutch genre style paintings

dutch horse lovers spoon bowl

unusual shaped bowl showing male and female (lovers?) with a horse and other animals.
note the extensive chasing of bricks etc. Unsure ofthe meaning of chasing below the main scene.
Looks to me like a king and flowers.

ship and water spoon
Three masted ship. Notice the nice lobate style of water.
The two angels supporting the ship is a moralistic hope that the ship will be protected at sea.

 night watch in silver
This is the center part of Rembrandt's famous "Night Watch" painting reproduced  in silver.
The nice repousse and chased workmanship evokes some of the emotion of the painting

contented cows on silver spoon

A nice repousse and chased scene of a small herd of cows watched by a mustachioed  man

cutout silver ship spoon
The ship is hand sawn  with a nice art nouveau border and lobate water design .
The design above the ship looks like a crown or flower basket.
The figure below is touching his head with his left hand  and touching his belly with his right hand
Maybe an allusion to thinking makes for a full belly.

silver victory symbol
I suspect that this winged angel is some type of victory symbol

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