One feature which movies often use to inform us as to the location  of the film is the city's skyline. Even before movies were made, however, the skyline of a city was one of its most important assets.

The new developments in steel production enabled builders to build ever taller buildings. The major cities of New York and Chicago were particularly noted for their impressive skylines.

NY skyline spoons


New York City

The Empire State Building topped by an American Eagle
The World's largest building for many decades.
This spoon is dated June 13, 1933

Luna Park, Coney Island, New York (silverplated)

skyline spoons

The Chicago Skyline

Duluth, Minnesota (waterfront) skyline       

 Atlantic City, N.J. (rare left hand spoon)

Detroit, Michigan

New Orleans skyline of harbor and buildings
bowl embossed with "Heart of New Orleans" scene

Rare matched set of the Ogden, Utah skyline

rare skyline spoon from Fairbanks, Alaska
the handle also contains the words "good luck", horseshoe, and 4 leaf clover
the handle back has several impressive mining scenes

Skyline of Atlanta, Georgia

stacked skyline spoons

Stacked Skyline spoons

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