Snakes would seem to be a natural for spoons as the handle could easily be made into the correct shape. Yet, perhaps because of the subject matter, there are not really that many snake spoons. A few interesting variations are shown.

An interesting twisty handle spoon which ends with a snake head (hand tooled on both sides). This spoon is unmarked, but because of its very deep hand made bowl I suspect that it comes from India.

snake-like dragons -- all hand worked. These spoons are all heavily handworked and are probably oriental in origin

A cute spoon from India featuring a snake charmer.

A stylized snake handle on a gold washed bonbon bowl (no marks)

This very nice hand made spoon features an applied eagle fighting with an applied snake. The image of an eagle fighting a snake is very ancient and as far as we know was first used in the third millennium BC in ancient Babylonia. The image has since been found in many cultures and continues to the present day. At the current time it is the emblem of Mexico and of course the eagle is also the national symbol of the USA. The eagle rules the sky and the cosmos and is considered to impart great strength and courage. The serpent crawls on its belly and represents the earth. The image of these two creatures fighting each other thus represents the eternal struggle between the soul and the body.

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