South American Spoons


Columbia is particularly noted for its vast deposits of minerals and recently it's large output of illegal drugs.

This interesting spoon features a natural emerald embedded in the finial figure. I call this my "temple of doom" spoon (from Indiana Jones)

This spoon from Bogota also features an emerald on the stem (a better picture is available on the gem stone page)

A scenic view of Popayan


This very unusual hand made spoon features a flower finial. The stamen is a pearl. The bowl is made from a one Bolivar coin

A cute hand made coin spoon featuring a detailed llama finial and a bowl made from a 50 centavo coin


A silver plated spoon featuring a transfer print picture of the "Centro Simon Bolivar"

A monument in Caracas


A hand made spoon with a llama finial surrounded by a round "frame" and a 1928
50 centavo coin

Enameled finial

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