Periodically a spoon that is not only unique but also extraordinarily beautiful is discovered. As you can tell from this museum, I have looked at hundreds of thousands of spoons. Most of the really beautiful and unique spoons which I have seen are not available for purchase as they are either owned by a serious collector or in a museum collection. I have recently been able to acquire a spoon which was made as a remembrance for a young boy, but it is so beautifully done that even a "jaded spoon expert" (myself) had to catch his breath.

large funeral spoon

I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon to help you visualize the size.

This is an extremely beautiful spoon which was made to highlight an unfortuate event
the death of a young boy

This gold plated spoon is made of 800 silver and has a hand painted porcelain handle.
In the middle of the very elaborate cast bowl is a hand painted piece of ivory depicting the young boy

I suspect that this spoon was made in Germany or Austria, but have not been able to trace the silversmith

large funeral spoon
Reverse of the spoon

funeral spoon

enlarge detail photo of the bowl

funeral spoon

enlarged picture of handle (front)

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