Norway (norge) independence spoon
I have included a ruler and an average sized tea spoon in the picture to help you visualize the size.

This large cast spoon with hand detail work around the lettering is to celebrate Norway's centennial of Constitutional Independence.
The spoon was manufactured by H. Moller of  Trondheim (Trondhjem) of 830 silver

I have seen two other spoons celebrating this independence but they were just normal tea sized spoons.

norway independence spoon

Enlarged detail photo of the semi-rampant lion finial
The Norwegian lion (den norske love) has been used in folk art for centuries.
This depiction, however, is different than the one normally seen

norway independence spoon bowl
In 1814, the sovereignty of Norway was transferred to the King of Sweden from the Kingdom of Denmark.
The Constitution was signed at Eisvoll on May 17. Thus 1814 is cosidered to be one of the most important years in its history.

bryggen mask

Near the top of the spoon handle is an image.
It is derived from this old wooden mask in Bryggen (the old fishing port of Bergen, Norway)
This is an optical illusion and sometimes the spoon mask will be looking right or left

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