The First Reserve Hospital in Manila was the military’s largest and busiest facility.

presentation spoon philippine hospital
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon to help you visualize the size

This large spoon was custom made and is inscribed with a presentation message (see below)
The marks indicate that the spoon itself was  made in Germany of 800 silver by G.W.
Haven't been able to trace him.
I suspect that the engraving was done locally

This spoon is of relatively light weight considering its size, but the workmanship is excellent

philippine presentation spoon hospital
Engraved "First Reserve Hospital  Corp  Manila P.I. Jan. 17 -09"
Also notice the winged putti on the left

The engraving is well done and reflects the art nouveau style

I am unsure if this was made by a patient to the hospital
or if it was made by the hospital personnel to say 'goodbye' to someone who was being assigned to another post
or for some other event.

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