Organized sports were not as popular around the turn of the century as they are now. Consequently we find relatively few spoons depicting sporting events. But for the sports enthusiasts who may wander into this page, I present some interesting sporting themes.

The most popular sporting event shown on spoons is fishing. We find a number of variations of fishes, fishing poles etc.


                                   Golf spoons have been moved to their own exhibit


Florida water skiing (modern)          Ski jumping

             race horse cowboy spoon

Bronco busting                                                    Bullfighting                                                Not sure if this is a race horse or a cowboy


Horse racing                              Trophy spoon-"Cresceus 1.59 3/4" -Toledo

Indoor pool (natorium)

outdoor pool (Hanna, Tx)


                                      Bicycling--note the handle is part of the "chain"


                                               Indianapolis 500 -- car race


            Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Football and Tournament of Roses  (not sterling)

Woman's basketball

curling spoon toronto

Rare spoon from the Toronto Curling club (founded 1836)


canada bowling spoon


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