The SPOON AND SILVER MUSEUM is a California not-for-profit corporation registered with the US Government as a not for profit corporation
whose purpose is to educate the public and display spoons and other items made from silver. is associated with the Spoon and Silver Museum but some of the contents of the website are not owned by the museum.

THE SPOON AND SILVER MUSEUM  will accept donations of  silver spoons and other silver collectibles and cash.
We will provide a detailed professional appraisal of donated items which will entitle the donator to receive a charitable tax exemption for all donations.

This MUSEUM is different from conventional museums in that it is not in one physical place.
It resides primarily on the internet and is thus available to the entire world.

However it is also a traveling museum in that we will work with any other entity to produce customized displays
which can be viewed at locations provided by our partners.

All  corporations (profit and non-profit) are invited to partner with us.

1. We will custom produce a display and provide showcases.
2. We will travel to your location and install the display.
3. We will travel to your location and remove the display at the end of the designated time period.

Our partners will:
1. Provide a secure location that is open to the public.
2. Provide insurance that will protect our collectibles and equipment.

There will be a very minimal charge for the display which is based upon the size and length of time the display is in your location (covers operating expenses).
There may  be a charge for the installation and removal of the display. This charge will be basically cost of travel and any required overnight  stays and per diem expenses.

We are very interested in partnering with partners who host many travelers;

Among desired locations are:

large hotels
convention centers
conventional museums
other locations with many visitors


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