Spoons with Stamps are an interesting niche of the spoon collecting hobby.

These spoons were originally designed to appeal to philatelists (stamp collectors) as well as spoon collectors and they provide an
ideal way of identifying the country of origin.

stamps on spoons

These spoons are all 800 silver

philippine stamp spoon
The left spoon stamp is a 2 centavo stamp from the philippines
The right spoon stamp is a 5 centavo stamp from Cuba
Both probably date from the Spanish American war era

trinidad stamp spoon

The left stamp is from Switzerland  and the right stamp is from the island of Trinidad.
The spoon bowl showing a cocoa tree with the phrase "cocoa is king" is an interesting illustration

panama stamp spoon st. moritz
left: :a beautiful hand painted bowl featuring two men from Panama along with a 5 centavo map stamp
right: a very nice hand painted scenic bowl featuring a stamp from St. Moritz, Switzerland
The bowl shows Piz Bermina, the highest summit in the Eastern Alps.

stamp spoon chile
A very pretty spoon depicting the harbor at Valparaiso, Chile with a 10 centavo stamp at the finial

Vienna (Wien) stamp spoon
A gold plated spoon with a church tower bowl image (probably St. Stephens Cathedral)  and a 10 Heller stamp with a Wien (Vienna) postmark.
This type of stamp was used in the first few years of the 20th century
The spoon is unmarked and I am unsure of metal quality

A number of other stamp spoons are available. If you have any you wish to sell, please contact me.

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