Small Bowl Gemstone Spoons

I suspect that these spoons were made for the use of an illegal substance such as cocaine or peyote. I AM NOT ADVOCATING THE USE OF THESE SUBSTANCES. My interest in these pieces is simply based upon their unique shape and the design elements. Thus I am showing these pieces with that in mind. I hope that nobody takes offense.

Similar tiny spoons were made in the Victorian era and were designated as "ear spoons". I suppose that they could have been used for that purpose, but I suspect that they were also used for snuff which was very popular during the 1800's.

Salt spoons also are about this size and shape, but they tend to have more conventional shaped bowls.

These four spoons look to me like they were made by American Indians. Although unmarked, I suspect that they are made of silver. They measure just under 3", but the turquoise stones are pretty good size and have interesting design elements. Also note that they have a loop on the back. This is so that they can be hung from a chain

These spoons are also unmarked but show definite hand workmanship in an indian style. I suspect that they are also silver. Both of these spoons measure almost 6". I suspect that this long stem is for the use of illegal drugs in some type of ceremonial application.

This very tiny spoon measures about 2". It is also unmarked but I think it is made of silver. The art nuevo nude female design is a replica of the older style, and I suspect that this spoon was made post WWll. It also has a very tiny loop for a chain.

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