“The Car that made good in a day”

The Stutz Bearcat was an extremely impressive sports and racing car first introduced in 1912.

In 1912 it won 25 of the 30 auto races into which it was entered and became one of the most famous status symbols of the wealthy.

stutz bearcat spoon

A gorgeous portrait of a Stutz Bearcat is hand painted on this  beautiful sterling holly handled spoon.
Holly is often featured in winter/Christmas decorations.

Originally powered by a 390 cubic inch 60 horse power  four cylinder engine produced by the Wisconsin Motor Co. this sports car featured minimal bodywork and a hood shaped like a 'doghouse'.

The windshield was a tiny 'monocle' in front of the driver. This was a production model because it had fenders, lights and a trunk including an $125 extra cost option of wire wheels.

Tiny intials in the right portion of the bowl.

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