The American souvenir spoon manufacturers were quick to pick up on the types of things that the tourists wanted to see. The totem poles of the North West indians were tourist favorites and we find many totem pole spoons in various styles.

totem spoon victoria indian

Very nice standard totem pole spoon with  engraved indian profile in a gold plated bowl.  The indians face has been treated to give it a natural color.

Spoons with totem poles  are fairly easy to acquire, but still interesting.

Most of these spoons are from actual totem poles. Some poles are more famous than others. Also, the 'low man' on these totem poles is the more important (contrary to the popular saying)

indian totem pole spoons

These spoons are of "poor" quality. The enamel work is particularly poor.

Totem pole with florescent style enameling

These spoons are of typical souvenir spoon quality and are fairly common

Victoria, BC totem topped by eagle

Totem Pole -- Prince Rupert Island
modern style but sterling

Chief Skedans Mortuary Pole

An older version of Chief Skedans Mortuary Pole  was raised in the Haida village of Skidegate about 1870. 

It honors the Raven Chief of Skedans and depicts the chief's hereditary crests.

This totem pole has been re-created and currently stands in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The spoon is in an art deco style and says  'Alaska'

Skidegate is a Haida village on the southeast coast of Graham Island., BC

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