Trains were obviously the most popular form of transportation for travelers of this era, and we would expect to find lots of spoons with trains in various formats. Actually, however, the number of spoons with trains depicted is relatively limited. Most such spoons are quite interesting and if you have any you wish to sell, please email me.

engraved Locomotive

Colorado entwined letters with train and indian on horseback

Engraved Train Depots

The train station was the gateway for most travelers to the city during this era. The magnificent train stations of New York and Washington D.C. establised an oppulence for these structures greater than almost any other type of quasi private-public building. Typically the train station would be built out of steel, but the exterior would be stone in a Greek or Roman style and would feature huge main rooms, high ceilings, statutes, stained glass and other architectural marvels.

Burlington Station, Omaha, Nebraska

M.K & T Station, Parsons, Kansas

St.L LM & S Station, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Union Station, Portland, Maine

Union Station, St. Louis Missouri

This train station was considered to be the "hub" of the continent and almost 20 different railroad lines used it. The inside main room was as large as a football field and 75 feet high. The exterior architecture was widely believed to be the most magnificent of any railroad station.

Union Depot, Troy, New York

New Union Station--Kansas City, Missouri (embossed)

Michigan Central Depot, Niles, Michigan

It was in front of the depot that the funeral train bearing the body of Abraham Lincoln stopped at 8:25 A.M. on May 1, 1865. The train halted under a 35 foot memorial arch which had been constructed over the tracks. The arch bore sayings in honor of the president and was decorated with flap, evergreen boughs, and choice flowers. There have been 3 Penn Central depots at this site, and I am not sure which one is pictured.

Train Bridges

Many Bridges are depicted on spoons. Other spoons of this genre are shown under Bridges

Train on wooden trestle

Jacob's Ladder

Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Horse Shoe Bend, Altoona, Pennsylvania is widely believed to be one of the most scenic spots in the eastern USA. The train provides magnificent views and this area is represented on several different format spoon.

Special Purpose Trains

The Mt. Lowe train took visitors to a very scenic resort lookout area over the San Gabriel Valley just outside Los Angeles (Pasadena area). This spoon handle also shows the San Gabriel mission and in the bowl is an engraved view of Westlake Park in L.A. (now known as McArthur Park)

Pikes Peak and other special purpose trains are shown in other exhibits.

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