I have spoons from some interesting modes of transportation, but lack spoons from some of the more common modes of transportation. Cars and airplanes are under represented for their importance and significance, whereas, lesser forms of transportation are much more in evidence.

dog sled and polar bear and walrus

A more modern 3-D version of the dog sled spoon from Victoria BC, Canada

Cute Nome, Alaska demi with a miner and miner pan stem. But the bowl shows a dog saying "who said mush?". A sense of humor in silver spoons is a rarity.

Beasts of Burden--llama and mule

Stage coach (Deadwood)                        Covered Wagon (St. Louis Fair)

Pikes Peak train (Manitou, Colorado) in bowl and "struck it rich" miner finial. The back also shows a horse drawn mine cart and a mule


Wheel Chair, Atlantic City 

This Benton, Michigan Street Scene shows a horse drawn fire engine and a horse drawn wagon in front of the opera house.                                 

This Oklahoma City scene shows an Electric Trolley--a new invention at that time

dunlap square spoon

Trolley in Dunlap Square, Wisconsin

cute roadster on a Cedar Rapids spoon

cotton wagon--Memphis, Tennessee

Engraved street car being pulled by mules and
labeled "rapid transit" (obviously a satire) from
Middletown, Ohio

Ships on spoons are more common. I have devoted a whole page to ships

Train spoons may be viewed at the Train page

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