Turkish Souvenir Spoons

Turkish souvenir spoons are not usually identified in English and I cannot read Arabic lettering. Most of these spoons do seem to follow a style, so the spoons presented here are based upon this stylistic pattern. At this time I only have a few examples to show you.

Spoon made in Germany

This very pretty spoon is all gold plated and boasts a small round blue piece of turquoise in the center. The triangle shaped bowl has various engravings on it. While the spoon is not marked (so that I can understand it), I am pretty sure that it is good silver quality, and the workmanship is excellent.

This spoon also has the Turkish crescent and star at the finial. The front of the triangle shaped bowl has some engraving marks on it. The back of the bowl has a house scene engraved on it. Note that the quality of the engraving is much cruder than that typically found on American souvenir spoons. There are no marks (that I can understand), but I do suspect that it is quality silver.

This spoon has the same handle as the above piece, but the bowl is different

These coin bowl spoons features a simple handle topped by the crescent and star. The coin contains only writing which I cannot interpret.

Istanbul, Turkey
At last something I can understand

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