exhibit 1

large windmill servers
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon on the right to help you visualize the size
"mechanical" -- means that the windmill blades will spin
left: mechanical windmill, with a hook soldered to the back --Dutch 835 silver mark

wind mill spoon

repousse bowl is bent to make it a ladle server
Bowl is repousse/chased to create the picture in the typical Dutch genre mode
mechanical wind mill
There is a hook soldered to the back of the stem
One untraced mark. I suspect that the spoon is at least 800 silver

amsterdam windmill server spoon

large cast/ repousse/chased bowl showing the Amsterdam coat of arms and the word Amsterdam
Two winged angels form the shoulders of the bowl
two winged cherubs support the windmill (not mechanical)
French minerva silver quality mark and another unidentified mark
I suspect this spoon was made in Schoonhaven, Holland ca. 1900
A huge ship  spoon with the same bowl can be seen here

windmill server spoon
Cast spoon bowl. The quality of the workmanship is below average
but the scene of a woman cradling a baby among the farm equipment is interesting
no marks -- broken arm on mechanical windmill
I suspect that this spoon was made in Schoonhaven, Holland ca 1900
and I further suspect that it is 800 quality silver

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